Who I am……..

My name is Franky Sihaloho. I was born in a small city called Pematangsiantar. I spent my wonderful childhood there. I studied in Yayasan Budi Mulia Indonesia-Pematangsiantar for 12 years (primary, junior, and high school). It was one of the best schools in north sumatera.

As i have to finish my study for my scholar,  I live in Yogyakarta now. Hopefully, I can finish my study this year.

Franky Sihaloho


One response to “Who I am……..

  1. Wow.. Selamat berjuang anggi.. Mudah2an sukses kaw…..
    Belajar marketing-lah.. Lumayan bagus.. Marketing lewat internet juga.. biar bisa meraup dollar dari internet..hehehehee..

    Kau jadi kuliah TI yah..??? Baguslah itu…

    CPI – Minas – Riau

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